What is a micronation?

As Wikipedia states:

A micronation is a political entity whose members claim that they belong to an independent nation or sovereign state, but which lacks legal recognition by world governments or major international organizations.

What sets the Kingdom of Felinia apart from others?

We believe in true equality, where everyone is equal and has a voice to be heard. We also believe that basic human needs are right, are inalienable, and that it's the duty of a government, such as ours, to provide those needs. 

What is the end goal of Felinia?

We seek autonomy, a land, citizens, and international recognition .from other countries.

Why Felinia?

We wanted to create a place where everyone is equal, where human needs are rights, for total autonomy, and more!

What is the purpose of Felinia?

See the second question.

What can I do to help Felinia?

You can become a citizen, join the government, make your voice heard, contact us, and more!